If you’re looking for a smooth ride, look no further…

With a cat, the waves are for luncH!

 If you’ve never ridden in a Catamaran, as opposed to a Monohull (V-Bottom), make ours your first! The first thing you will notice, is unmatched stability. Even as you fly up to speed, the ride is level even through the roughest chop, sending you flying past the competition!

Our hull is legendary among the world’s performance boating circuit, inspired by the Cougar Powerboats hull, designed by Clive Curtis and James Beard. Our Founder, Errol Lanier, alongside many other teams, raced Cougar Powerboats to countless APBA race wins and championships, with most top race boats to this day having very similar hull designs.

Cougar Powerboats’ current Owner, and Lanier family friend Steve Curtis of Miss Geico and Spirit of Norway has the World Speed Record in a propeller driven boat of 244mph, in the Spirit of Qatar Mystic, proving the Catamaran has become the ultimate standard hull design on the water for speed, and we bring the same science to your garage!

We offer a fishing model to make the most of the extra space, and we also have a sport deck pleasure model to maximize speed and aerodynamics, or we build inserts for the fishing deck to get the best of both worlds! No other boat builder offers a true offshore catamaran inspired fishing boat.

All of our boats are built completely custom, all accessories picked by you! The boat is hand laid with the highest quality fiberglass, composite foam, and vinylester resin for a platform that will last a lifetime of love!



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Center-line Length- 20'3"

Beam- 8'6"

Fuel Capacity- 56+

Weight (No engine)- 1520lbs.

Draft- 9"



The name Errol Lanier needs no introduction in the racing world.

From 1975 to 1999, when he retired from racing, his skills as a rigger and a team leader were sought after by only the best. He led teams owned by Preston Henn, Paul Clauser, Rocky Aoki, and Bob Kaiser, for companies like Anheuser-Busch, Chevrolet, Benihana, and personally working with the racing divisions at Mercury, Corvette, Bertram and McLaren on pioneering tech used in today’s most advanced engines.

Career Achievements:

  • 1959-1985 Fort Lauderdale/Sebring Fire Dept (Lieutenant)- Helped found Fort Lauderdale’s first Hazardous Materials unit.

  • 1974 APBA Sport Class Championship- Streaker- Preston Henn

  • 1986 World Cup Champion-SYSTEMS- Bob Kaiser

  • 1987 US-1 National Champion- SYSTEMS- Bob Kaiser

  • 1987 HFC Pro Series Open Class Champion

  • 1986-87 Throttleman of the Year


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